by Strike a Match



Recorded with Kenneth Ishak.
Mastered by Dag Erik Nygaard.
Guest vocals on 1000 Eyes by Kristi Redd, and on Sleepers Awake by Amir Amadeus.
Strike a Match is Karl, Esben, Even & Erik Anarchy.

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released February 5, 2011




Strike a Match Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Strike a Match
We will strike a match against capitalism
You want a free market, we want a free world in the ashes of yours
We will strike a match against speciesism
Defend the life force of those tortured behind closed doors
We will strike a match against patriarchy
Won’t participate in your culture of rape, won’t fight your wars
We will strike a match against patriotism
Our flag is black like the ashes of yours

Strike a match

We will strike a match for what hasn´t been yet, yet must be:
A world where everyone and everything is free
Track Name: 1000 Eyes
Watch out you're being watched
Watch out! Watch out!

By 1000 eyes
1000 eyes

Who control, intimidate and dominate
Can they detect a heart about to detonate?

Can they detect me?
Track Name: Dead Time in the Living Room
Soaking up so-called pleasures
with a numb nod of approval
See through them, see through them
yet you fear their removal

Dead Time – dead time – dead time
In the living room

What you can’t live without
is killing you from within
Track Name: You Don't Have to Fuck People Over to Survive
You don’t have to fuck
You don’t have to fuck
You don’t have to fuck
You don’t have to fuck
People over to survive

You don’t have to

(Thank you, Seth Tobocman)
Track Name: Sleepers Awake
Hush little baby. don’t you cry
Suck on this and be pacified
Hush little kid, the TV’s on
Sit down, shut up till your mind is gone

Hush little youngster. go get high
It will ease your pain and the swallowing of the lie:
Hush little wage slave, don’t wage war
Just work more, you’ll get all you wish for

Sleepers... awake!

Hush little oldster
Lay down and die
Too late to live now
We have bled you dry

Sleepers... awake!
Before it’s too late
Track Name: Let's Be Human Beings
We are all undesirable elements
We are all matter out of place
We are not your useful instruments
We are the spots you want to erase

Let’s be

We are the imperiled, the imperfect
The imprisoned, the impatient, the impure
We are not afraid to be

Let’s be

We are not afraid

In our hearts we carry
A new world